We prepare and empower outstanding educators to deliver quality education through our Teacher Development Program.
Our training sessions are interactive and also based in classroom settings.

Empathy-based teaching and Classroom management

Teachers will understand the significance of empathy and will be able to design a class using empathy based approaches and exercises.

Gamified teaching course

Teachers will be able to apply games-based approaches to pedagogy, customize games depending on content and successfully make the classroom a fun and engaging place where students which will allow students to collaborate and learn.

Inquiry-based teaching course

Teachers will be able to move smoothly between different ladders of inquiry approach to create a stimulating classroom environment.

Problem-based teaching course

Teachers will be connecting classroom or textbook scenario with a real world problem to prompt students to design a dummy solution, using design-thinking approach.

Teacher Leadership program

Teachers will diagnose various classroom and school problems, differentiate between technical and adaptive challenges and will learn to take into consideration different stakeholder when designing strategies.
Learning by Collaborating

Alokito Teachers

Alokito Teachers is a platform where you can learn, grow and earn as a flourishing teacher. Together we can build a creative and enlightened Bangladesh.
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