Our target is to create an education model that can be implemented all over the country to greatly improve the quality of education provided in the schools.


We aim to create an education and schooling system that ensures quality and sustainability in order to build an enlightened generation of our country.

Our Story

Our story started in 2016 with the goal of understanding how education can be a positive force in society. We asked ourselves, “does education have the ability to change a person, and therefore, how can education revolutionize the socio-economic crisis in our country?”

In Bangladesh, a developing country with a rapidly growing economy and rapid urbanization yet millions are working as low-wage and unskilled industrial laborers. The next generation will be the ones to take up the challenges these conditions create new jobs, and also compete in a job market that is much different from today. These conditions put us on a precipice of change.

We believe wholistic learning and deep knowledge are the way to ensure the next generation can reach their goals, and even surpass them.

And so Alokito Hridoy was created.

Our Initiative

We started as a school with 100 students in Tangail, Mirzapur, about 50 kilometers north of Dhaka. The first year we educated 100 students up to grade 3, all the children of industrial workers. Two years later we now educate 150 children up to grade 5- our goal is to grow with the students and add a new grade each year.

The school has a nominal fee, which adds accountability to the community and parents. A portion of Home Junctions sales, a retail outlet for home goods, goes to support the Alokito Hridoy school.

We knew from the start that a building is not the heart of a school, but rather it is the teachers. We hire local teachers with the belief that they know the context best. Teachers are impactful to the extent that they connect with the students and want to understand them. We invest heavily in teacher training and act as a guide and support beside them with approaches that are intensive and supportive.

This year our teacher training approaches have expanded beyond the walls of Alokito Hridoy. We have partnered with a government in Tangail to work on teacher training in primary education. For Bangla medium schools outside of Dhaka this will be bringing reformation and learning refinement that is transformation