Our target is to create an education model that can be implemented all over the country to greatly improve the quality of education provided in the schools.
We aim to create an education and schooling system that ensures quality and sustainability in order to build an enlightened generation of our country.

Our Approach

The Alokito Hridoy model embodies a holistic approach to education. We know that like our rapidly changing world, education must also be dynamic. Our methods are in line to support this exponential change. We are improving the quality of education by preparing children with social, moral, emotional and cognitive skills to be adaptive, proactive and innovative problem solvers. Our learning style is inquiry based: learning by playing, problem solving and inquiring. Read More
Learning by Collaborating


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Learning by playing jumping from True to False

Alokito Hridoy

Learning by playing jumping from True to False


1 Student 1 Month of schooling Daycare service Everyday snacks Extra curriculum activities
1 Child $24

Extracurricular Activities


Science fair 2017


Art Campaign 2017


Sports day 2017



I am truly grateful to be part of the Aloktio Hridoy School. It has been a huge source of encouragement and inspiration. We do lot of interesting activities and attend program such as science day, earth day were we have built mosques, schools and much more.
Malika Parvin
Since we teach the children through various games and inquiry-based approaches, the implementation of these methods makes it easier for the children to learn, grasp and understand as well as increase their confidence and self-esteem.
Shamima Akter
The most essential part of Alokito Hridoy school is its teaching method which is exceptional unlike other schools. Alokito Hridoy Foundation along with its teachers have created an education model to educate the children through fun-filled, interactive and inquiry-based approaches.
Before starting the coding classes, I did not know how to operate a computer. After attending the coding classes, I learned how to create rectangle, circles, square, bus, flags and much more.